MACHUKHA, combines elements of post-black metal, dark hardcore, and punk. The members' diverse backgrounds contribute to their creative process, which aims to express shared experiences of maintaining humanity in a harsh world. Their debut album, Мочарi [Mochari], evokes resilience and the human ability to endure atrocities. Sung exclusively in her native Ukrainian language, Natalya uses her voice as an outlet for genuine anguish. The music features intricate guitar melodies that blend into intense rhythmic fury from the bass and drums, creating a sonic landscape that guides listeners through precise emotions.

The band's lyrical and musical narratives reflect their journey of embracing pain and learning to let go by surrendering to it. Machukha invites the listener to acknowledge their pain, to grieve by embracing acceptance, ultimately to emerge stronger. In addition to their music, they have self-produced three music videos that form a continuous story on this idea. Band member Natalya designed modernised traditional Ukrainian costumes for this short film, while Bláthin directed – together, they developed the script.

Machukha began performing live in 2023 with their first show supporting HIDE in Berlin. Their debut album Мочарi [Mochari] is expected to be released in early summer 2024.